Community Education

Pre-literate Basic English Competencies

Language skills

Recognize sound/symbol correspondence for consonants and orally produce consonant sounds.

Orally produce the following vowel sounds:
/æ/ as in apple
/ε/ as in red
/I/ as in pick
/a/ as in hot
/ə/ as in up.

Hold pencil, write between lines, erase and write from left to right and from top to bottom.

Identify, say, copy and put into sequence upper and lower case letters.

Aurally comprehend letter names and write letters dictated by instructor.

Respond to classroom commands; follow simple oral instructions (e.g., say, read, write, listen, circle, underline, etc.

Indicate lack of understanding: I don’t understand, I need help, etc.

Ask simple questions: What is it? Do you have a ___________? etc.

Recognize simple high frequency oral and written words and match words to illustrations.

Understand first/last, same/different, left/right, top/bottom and up/down.

Survival skills

State and respond to questions about name and personal information, including address, phone number, zip code, date of birth and country of origin.

Sign name.

Introduce oneself and respond appropriately after being introduced to someone: My name is ____________. Hello. Nice to meet you. etc.

Understand days of the week, months of the year, today’s date, today, tomorrow and yesterday.

Numeracy skills

Count, copy and sequence numbers 0 through 100; write numbers (including phone numbers) as dictated by instructor.
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