Community Education

Level 1
Level 1 Basic English Competencies

Speaking and Listening
State first and last name, address, phone number and birth date.

Respond to questions about family and state family relationships.

State past and/or current occupations.

State days of the week, months of the year and seasons.

Name body parts and describe how one feels; state basic illness symptoms. Use simple adjectives regarding mood, attitude and comfort level.

Dial 911 and state emergency.

Name furniture pieces and rooms in home.

Name articles of clothing. Answer the question What are you wearing?

Name public buildings and places in this city.

Describe objects by color, size and shape.

Describe daily activities.

Name different vehicles and methods of transportation; respond to the question How do you come to school?

Reading and Writing
Print upper and lower case letters.

Write name, address, phone number and date of birth.

Read a calendar.

Read basic signs in a building: Telephone, Men, Women, Do Not Enter, etc.

Use to be in simple present, simple past and simple future forms.

Differentiate between have and has and between do and does.

Express need or desire using to need and to want.

Form simple wh-questions.

Use subject and object pronouns.

Use nouns appropriately in singular and plural forms.

Use prepositions to describe location: It’s under the chair. It’s on the table.

Use adjectives of color, size and shape in appropriate adj + noun word order.

Recognize contractions using pronouns and forms of to be.

Read, say and write numbers 1 through 100; write dictated numbers 1 through 100.

Say ordinal numbers.

Understand different denominations of coin and currency.

Write dollar amounts.

Read price tags.
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