Community Education

Level 6
Level 6 Basic English Competencies

Speaking and pronunciation
Use appropriate formal/informal register in the following language situations:

Invite a co-worker for a break or to an event.
Offer to help.
Describe oneself or others.

Take and deliver messages in person and on the phone.

Describe past and present personal history using appropriate general verb tenses.

Give and take complex multi-step directions (e.g., following map directions, assembly instructions or a recipe).

Write dictated sentences containing grammatical points covered in Level 6.

Discriminate between all the vowel sounds of English.

Discriminate between all the voiced/voiceless consonant pairs in English.

Write dictated sentences containing reduced vowels and reduced words.

Listen to monologues and multi-person dialogues and answer comprehension questions.

Read a short prose piece and answer basic comprehension questions (including inferential questions) about its content.

Guess at the meaning of unfamiliar words based on their context.

Use an English-to-English dictionary to locate the definition of an unfamiliar word as it is used within its context.

Read and complete a job application with minimal assistance.

Locate information in the government pages of the telephone book.

Write a short description of personal, education and employment history using appropriate general verb tenses.

Write brief formal and informal letters using appropriate register, margins, salutation and closing.

Write a resume and cover letter with assistance.

Review the following verb tenses: simple present, present continuous, simple past, past continuous, present perfect, present perfect continuous, simple future and future continuous.

Two-word verbs.

Review first and second conditional.

Review irregular verbs: base form, simple past and past participle forms.

Past perfect tense and past perfect continuous tense.

Third conditional.

Modals: ought to, be supposed to, be to and shall.

Gerunds and infinitives after prepositions and certain verb forms: I apologized for breaking the window. The police needed to talk to him. We enjoyed hearing from you. They expected to arrive by noon. etc.

Passive voice.

Reported speech.
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