Preschool Age Child Care

Rochester Public Schools Preschool Age Child Care Program (PACC) will provide a safe, nurturing environment where children can feel they are significant and they belong. Our goals are to: 

  1. Provide children a safe, healthy environment where staff will strive to meet emotional, social, and physical needs.
  2. Create a happy, warm, exciting environment that is inviting, comfortable, flexible, and manageable for children.
  3. Offer a variety of activities such as arts, crafts, STEM, self-directed play, physical interaction, reading, and more. 
  4. Provide individual guidance to children based on careful observation of each child’s needs and in keeping with parent or guardian direction.
  5. Support and collaborate with the children’s teachers and school administrators in building a stable and consistent team–promote an environment where children may learn and grow.

Two PACC Locations:

Mighty Oaks Early Learning School  3800 50th Ave SE                                       507-328-4914

Hoover Early Learning School   369 Elton Hills Drive NW                               507-328-3460

Frequently asked questions

How much does PACC cost?

Half day preschool PACC options costs $240 per month for AM or PM care. 

Full day preschool PACC option costs $480 per month for using both AM and PM service times.

Is financial aid available?

PACC accepts most assistance programs. This program qualifies for childcare assistance through Olmsted County Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP). For qualifications requirements, please contact Olmsted County at (507) 328-6500.

How am I billed for PACC? 

PACC contracts will be billed monthly during the first week of the month, and are due on the 24th of each month prior to attending. This is a separate invoice from RPS Preschool tuition.

How do I register for PACC? 

After registering for RPS Preschool, login to your child care account at Under “Explore all Programs” select Preschool Age Child Care.

Can I sign up for PACC at any time? 

Yes, if space is available, you may register at any time. Contracts take one week to process, and are for an entire month (1st - end of month). 

Do I have to attend every month of the school year?

No, PACC Contracts are month to month. Please keep in mind that contracts take one week to process before students can attend and must be current.

Can I use PACC fewer than 5 days a week? 

Yes, however, the price is per month regardless of how many days your child attends.

Is PACC available at all sites?

No, PACC is only available at Hoover and Mighty Oaks Early Learning Schools.

What are the hours for PACC?

PACC operating hours are Monday - Friday:

  • Morning Session: 6:30 - 9:45 AM
  • Afternoon Session: 3:45 - 6:00 PM
What is the ratio of children to adult?

PACC strives to maintain staff to child ratios of 1:10. Adjustments may be made according to individual needs.

Is transportation available to and from PACC?

No, transportation is not currently available. 

Is drop-in care available? 

No, PACC does not have drop-in care. 

Is care available for non-school days, during breaks or holidays or when school has been closed for inclement weather? 

The PACC program operates according to the RPS district calendar. There is currently no service for inclement weather.

How does my child get to their preschool class or go from preschool to PACC at the end of the day? 

Students will be escorted to or from their classrooms by PACC or RPS Preschool staff.

Do children receive breakfast or snack at PACC?

Morning and afterschool snacks are provided. Morning students should eat breakfast before arriving at PACC.

Program standards and Staffing


Program standards for the Preschool Age Child Care (PACC) Program are adapted from guidelines developed by the Minnesota Department of Education and have been reviewed and approved by the School Board of the Rochester Public School District.

Staff Responsibilities

The PACC Program is staffed with caring people who have experience in various fields. Background checks, first aid, CPR training, and continued staff development through workshops and trainings are required of all staff.

Each PACC site is staffed with at least one Program Lead who is responsible for overseeing the operation of the program. Program Assistants are trained to assume Program Lead responsibilities in their absence, and otherwise assume numerous responsibilities toward the operation of the site. Program Aides may also be included as part of the site team. They have a very important role of spending most of their time directly with children. Special Needs Assistants will be assigned to sites as needed. Team Leader Inclusion Specialists will be available to assist with children and staffing needs. Each site is overseen by a Team Leader who directs and guides the staff in general site operation, including communication, challenging behavior, teamwork, scheduling, program planning, etc. 

Graphic of a Children's Playground for PACC