Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Who teaches PAIIR classes?

PAIIR classes are taught by MN State licensed parent and early childhood educators who work directly with parents and their young children.

Who can take PAIIR classes?

PAIIR is intended for ALL parents, relatives, or individuals who function in a primary parenting role and their children, age birth to kindergarten enrollment, who live in the Rochester School District.

Does my child have to be the age indicated in the class description?

Yes. PAIIR classes are designed for specific age groups, so your child must be the appropriate age on or before the first class meeting.

What if I do not live in the Rochester School District?

Rochester School District families are registered first. If you do not live in the district, you are welcome to register beginning one week after First Draw. All out of district registrations will pay a $5 out of district fee per class, per child. Out of district fees are not eligible to be waived.

What does Parent or Guardian participation consist of?

A parent or guardian may attend a PAIIR class without their child, but every child must be accompanied by their parent or guardian. A relative or foster parent who provides regular care for the child may attend if a parent is unavailable. The relative must be registered and participate fully in all parts of the class. Other exceptions are on a case-by-case basis and must be pre-approved by the PAIIR office. (507)-328-4020.

Do I have to turn in Immunizations for my child?

All children attending PAIIR classes and sibling care need a current immunization record on file each year. Turn them in prior to beginning of class at the PAIIR office, Northrop-Room 301, have your healthcare provider fax them to PAIIR at (507) 328-4015.

Can ECFE/PAIIR help me with transportation?

Transportation is available for one class at a time for families in need, at no cost. Call the PAIIR office at (507) 328-4020 for assistance.

What is the refund policy?

If PAIIR cancels a class or sibling care, you will be notified immediately and your fee will be refunded. PAIIR reserves the right to cancel any classes or sibling care that do not meet minimum enrollment. If you drop a class of FOUR WEEKS OR LESS, you must do so 24 hours before the first class meeting to receive a refund, minus a $5 processing fee. *Refunds will not be processed on classes that meet only one session. If you drop a class of FIVE OR MORE WEEKS, you must do so within 24 hours after the first class meeting to receive a refund, minus a $5 processing fee.

What is First Draw?

First Draw is a lottery used with PAIIR/ ECFE registration. All registrations received before First Draw are treated the same. At First Draw, we use the lottery to determine who gets into classes that are over-enrolled. Email confirmations will be sent out after draw. After First Draw is complete, registration is first come, first served. Payment is due with registration. 

Does ECFE/PAIIR cancel classes due to bad weather?

If the Rochester Public Schools are cancelled for the day, all PAIIR classes are cancelled. If school begins late, morning PAIIR classes are cancelled, but afternoon and evening PAIIR classes will be held.

If schools dismiss early, all PAIIR classes are cancelled for the rest of the day and evening. PAIIR cannot make up class days closed due to weather.

If school is not canceled, but the weather is hazardous, evening classes may be canceled by 3 PM. Please call CE Weatherline for more information at (507) 328-4010.

You can also sign up for RPS Skylert message system to be notified regarding weather related announcements.

What if we are going to be absent from class?

Notify the PAIIR office when you or your child will miss a preschool class, a PAIIR class or sibling care at (507) 328-4020.  After hours voicemail is available, or email the PAIIR office.

Is my child too sick to come to class?

If your child has had any of the following symptoms within the last 24 hours, keep them home to rest/recover: a fever (of over 100); vomiting or diarrhea; a severe cold with fever, sneezing and nose drainage; an unidentified rash; conjunctivitis/pink eye; or other signs of illness. 

If your child has seen a doctor and is on medication, they should not return to class until they have taken their medication for at least 24 hours and are feeling up to participating.  Please call PAIIR to let us know if other children in the class may have been exposed to a contagious condition.