Early Childhood Family Education (PAIIR)

Spring Class Information

Rochester Public Schools is running a Face-to-Face Model this Spring. Early Childhood Family Education staff has spent time redesigning the programming that we offer to you. Our mission remains the same-Strengthening families with young children through education and support. 

Early Childhood Family Education sees the opportunity in these uncertain times to find new ways to meet the needs of families in our community. While participating  in our classes you will still have the opportunity to meet new families, engage with your child/ren, explore, learn and play. 

You can find  more information on Rochester Public Schools Health and Safety Plans here.

Will the adults be expected to wear masks? 

Employees are required to wear a face cover that covers their nose and mouth while working. All visitors to school facilities are required to wear a face covering. If needed, the district will provide face covers for visitor  use. 

Will children be expected to wear masks?

In Early Childhood, we are strongly recommending mask wearing for children 2 years of age and older attending Preschool or Family Education classes. We will approach mask wearing as a learning opportunity for those who choose to send their child with a mask. 

If families enroll in an in-person ECFE class, and the format changes to distance learning - can we get a refund?

ECFE staff have prepared for this option and will continue to provide the educational experiences needed for your child, along with continued parent education. If distance learning isn’t an option that you would like, a refund can be processed.

Our ECFE classes will be using Google Meets as our form of connecting. In addition to parent education and parenting resources, we will offer live circle times to attend, along with videos to watch at your convenience to engage your child in a variety of learning experiences and to develop academic and social-emotional skills. 

Can I bring a school-age child/children along to the ECFE class I registered for, with my infant, toddler or preschooler?

ECFE classes are designed for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Unfortunately, school-age children will not be able to attend unless otherwise indicated upon registration. 

Online or Virtual Classes: 

Classes listed as online or virtual will be held remotely. Online classes are done on Google Meets. Links to classes and all additional content will be sent to you from the instructor prior to class beginning. 

  • Parent/Child Workshop Classes:

Our workshop classes for 2-5 year olds will be done with a mixture of class materials that can be picked up at Northrop and used for the duration of the 2 week course. Along with the kit, live online circle times and additional videos to enhance kit activities that can be watched at your convenience will be available to your family. 

Early Childhood Family Education also known as PAIIR is a public school program for families with children ages birth to kindergarten enrollment. Both parents and children participate in PAIIR. The program recognizes that parents are a child’s first and most important teacher and offers high-quality parent and early education. The mission of PAIIR is to strengthen families with young children through education and support.

  1. PACT (Parent and Child Time): Class includes a parent and child interaction time, circle time with books, songs and activities all designed to enhance a child’s learning. Parents also get great ideas to take home to enjoy with the whole family.

  2. Parent Time: Parents participate in a discussion led by a licensed parent educator. The parent discussion focuses on research-based topics related to both child and parent learning, and also allows time to connect with other parents of young children.

  3. Children’s Time: While the parents are in the discussion, children are learning through play, activities, songs and literature designed to enhance development, creativity and imagination. A licensed early childhood teacher facilitates the children’s classroom experience.

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