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Our February 2021 event will be a VIRTUAL one, as will the Minnesota State Science and Engineering Fair and the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair.

Learn more about participating in our virtual science fair by:

Virtual Award Ceremony: Friday, February 19, 2021

See you (virtually) in February.

Judging Information

Rochester Regional Science and Engineering Fair (RRSEF)

Northrop Community
Education Center
201 8th Street NW,
Rochester, Minnesota 55901

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Science Review Committee Meetings:

If your project involves Human Subjects, Vertebrate Animals, or Potential Hazards (materials, biological agents, devices, activities), you will likely need to attend a Scientific Review Committee (SRC) Meeting.

Virtual SRC Dates:
October 21, 2020
November 19, 2020
December 10, 2020

Unsure if your project requires a review at an SRC meeting? Complete the ISEF Rules Wizard.

Register for an SRC review here.


RPS Building Coordinators & Contact Information

Friedell                     Joanne Michet - jomichet@rochesterschools.org

John Adams             Debra Las - delas@rochesterschools.org

Kellogg                       John Haug - JOHAUG1@rochesterschools.org

Lincoln K-8               Kyle Casper - kycasper@rochesterschools.org
                                     Cory Dornack - codornack2@rochesterschools.org

Willow Creek           Matt Cage - macage@rochesterschools.org


Century                      Janelle Milliken - jamilliken@rochesterschools.org

John Marshall          Teresa Felmlee - tefelmlee@rochesterschools.org

Mayo                           Leah Ol - leol@rochesterschools.org


Additional School Contacts

Schaeffer Academy                 Philip Arant - arant.philip@schaefferacademy.org

Kellogg Gifted/Talented         Sarah Michet - samichet@rochesterschools.org