Thank you to the following organizations and businesses for contributing operational and awards funding for the 2022 Rochester Regional STEM Fair.


  • Mayo Clinic
  • Oraculi
  • Society for Science and the Public


  • IBM Corporation
  • Olmsted Medical Center
  • ONB Bank
  • Rochester Public Utilities

Silver Contributors ($500+)   

  • Annie Sun

  • Mayo Foundation Chapter of Sigma Xi   

  • Pharmaceutical Specialties, Inc.

  • Rochester Area Economic Development, Inc.

  • Rochester Commercial Banks Association

Nickel Contributors ($250+)     

  • Anonymous

  • American Association of University Women, Rochester

  • David Jiang

  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

  • Richard and Kathy Diedrich

Copper Contributors ($100+)

  • Collider Foundation

  • Efficiency Detectives

  • Gaurav Behera

  • Mayo Employees Credit Union

  • Medical Innovations International

  • Mill Creek Life Sciences

  • Osman Mohamed Elfadil

  • Robin Patel and Norbert Campeau

  • Rochester Area Freethinkers

  • Rochester Astronomy Club

  • Zumbro Valley Medical Society Alliance



GATEway, Rochester’s Chapter of MCGT

Oraculi, an alumni mentorship program

Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Rochester Community and Technical College