Reservation Information

Reservation requests are subject to the rules and regulations of the Board of Education. Terms and Conditions as stated on your online facility request.

Conditions of use

The School District reserves the right to cancel or change date in the event the facilities are needed for school and/or Community Education activities.

  • All accidents must be reported to Community Education at (507) 328-4008 within 24 hours.
  • Use of alcoholic beverages and smoking are prohibited. Use of “open flame” or candles is not permitted except in designated areas.
  • If additional set-up or cleaning is needed, an engineer/custodian will be assigned at additional cost.
  • Neither food nor beverages are permitted in gym, auditorium, pool area, or computer areas.
  • Rooms and equipment are to be left the way you found them. 
  • Children must be supervised at all times and stay in the area reserved.
  • All damages must be reported to the site facilitator or custodian. 
  • Cancellations need to be received 72 hours prior to scheduled event.

The School Board of Independent School District 535 in scheduling the use of school facilities has established the following criteria. Each request will be evaluated based on the following:

  1. Educational functions of the school
  2. Public school-related activities
  3. Public school-related organizations
  4. Rochester Park and Recreation Department
  5. Non-educational activities and organizations

Classification of fees

There are three classes when determining fees. For Class II and Class III, there will be a permit fee assessed and custodial overtime charges may be applicable.

Class I - Free Use 

This class includes educational functions of the school: Curricular, co-curricular, extracurricular, and community education activities.

Class IA - Free Use

Some custodial overtime and equipment charges may be assessed for the following groups:

  • Meetings of District school organizations, PTSA, District committees, District/ School affiliated organizations and activities
  • Organizations in which the District is a member and dues are paid from district funds, Local/ State/ National elections

Class II - Reduced Fee Use

This class includes:

  • City park and recreation programs; Non-profit community youth organizations (must have 501-C3 status)
  • City, County, or National government functions or activities

Meetings or classes of non-profit community agencies (must have 501-C3 status)

Class III - Regular Fee Use

This class includes:

  • Any programs or activities sponsored solely by a post-secondary college or university
  • District employees who sponsor or supervise an activity that has not been approved by the Superintendent or his/her designee as a regular school day or evening activity
  • Fund-raising events sponsored by non-profit community based organizations;
  • Community based organizations holding area meetings involving groups outside of the community
  • Student tutoring and private lessons that are not District sponsored;
  • Any group who does not fit in Class I or Class II, will be classified at Class III

Class IIIA Religious - Regular Fee Use

Religious, sectarian, or similar groups, non-public schools extra-curricular activities not sponsored by the District

Facility Fees

Each reservation will be required to pay a permit fee and custodial overtime, if the reservation occurs when a custodian is not typically in the building.
  Class I Class II Class III
Permit  Free $10 $10
Auditoriums (rate per hour)
  Class I Class II Class III Capacity
Century Free $78 $149 625
John Marshall Free $78 $149 1800
Mayo Free $54 $108 600
Kellogg Free $54 $108 440
Willow Creek Free $54 $108 400
John Adams Free $54 $108 400
Cafeteria, Commons, Kitchen, Forum (rate per hour)
  Class I Class II Class III
Middle Schools Free $18 $36
High Schools Free $18 $36
Classroom/Music/Foyer/Media Center (rate per hour)
  Class I Class II Class III
All Buildings       Free $10 $18
Gymnasiums and Volleyball Courts (rate per section, per hour)
  Class I Class II Class III
All Buildings       Free $18 $36
Swimming Pools (rate per hour)
  Class I Class II Class III
All Buildings       Free $36 $72
Weight and Wrestling rooms (rate per hour)
  Class I Class II Class III
All Buildings       Free $18 $36
Training Room (rate per hour)
  Class I Class II Class III
All Buildings       Free $10 $18
Computer Lab (rate per hour)
  Class I Class II Class III
All Buildings       Free $50 $100
Custodians Overtime (rate per hour)
  Class I Class II Class III
All Buildings       Free $35/Saturday $40/Sunday