Student Portal

Students can access school information such as their current schedule, test scores, and recent attendance through the student portal. (This is NOT where students get to classes, that is done through Google).

To log in, students will need to know their email address and their Student Badge ID. If you have problems logging in, please contact our main office at 507-328-4440.


Image showing the sections of the student portal page

Tech Help

If you are having problems signing into your account, accessing your online classes, or have any issues with your device, please contact the main office at 507-238-4440 to get help or make an appointment for tech help.

Below is some helpful technology information that you may need for your courses.

How to Access your Hawthorne Student Email

On the day of your intake, you should have been provided with a handout from our Hawthorne staff that will have your Hawthorne student email login information. Go to and follow the steps from the video below using the information that you have been provided to access your Hawthorne student email.

Image showing the information given for student Gmail login
How to Access Online Classes through Google Meet

You need to sign in to your Hawthorne student Gmail account provided to you be Hawthorne's staff. Then click on the Google Apps symbol (Step 1) and go to Meet (Step 2). Once you click on Meet you should be able to see your classes listed. Click on a class to join it. Please see the images and video below for instruction. 

Image showing where to find the google drive link within google
image showing what meeting look like in Google Meet

Distance Learning Links

Hawthorne Education Center offers distance learning programs for all students. Many teachers will assign distance learning as extra study. If you want to improve your skills and work more outside of class times, then please ask your teachers about one of these programs to get a username and password.

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