Frequently Asked Questions

I am new to the Rochester area and to the Adult Literacy program. How do I enroll in school?

Start by scheduling an appointment to register for classes by calling (507) 328-4440. 

Please bring photo identification and proof of residency (green card, if you are not a citizen). At the appointment, you will take a test and be placed in a class based on the results of the test. Please allow time for the registration process and the test.

Can I bring my children with me to school?

Daycare is not available at Hawthorne Education Center. Only students who participate in the Rochester Family Literacy program, in which parents and their children attend school together, can have children at Hawthorne.

What times are classes offered?

Classes are offered mornings and afternoons. Hawthorne Education Center is open Monday-Thursday during the regular school year, and Monday-Wednesday during summer session. 

I was previously a student at Hawthorne. Can I come back to school?

All students are welcome to return to Hawthorne Education Center. Please call (507) 328-4440 to make an appointment to return to school.

I am 16.  Can I get my GED?

No, the legal age for GED applicants in Minnesota is 17 years old. An Age Waiver Approval from the State of MN is required for 17 and 18 years old.

Couldn't find an answer to your question below?

Please feel reach to reach out and contact us via email or at (507) 328-4440 .

English is not my first language. Can I study English at Hawthorne?

Yes, you can. English Language learning is available to adults, 17 years of age and older, who are not native English Speakers. We have seven levels of English language learning and your level will be assessed when you come to enroll in a class.

How much does it cost to study English at Hawthorne?

English language classes are free for permanent U.S. residents. If you are visiting temporarily, then fees are required.

When do English Language classes take place?

Our English learning program operates on a ten-week quarterly schedule, all year round. New students can enter a class at any time.

What will I learn in my English class at Hawthorne?

Beginning and intermediate courses provide instruction and practice in reading, writing, speaking, listening and grammar. Advanced courses provide instruction and practice in conversation, pronunciation, reading, writing and preparation for College. 

Can I study at home, as well as in school?

Yes, we have a number of Distance Learning options.